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Tamar Valley

The Tamar Valley AONB is just north of Plymouth. It is on the Devon and Cornwall border, so covers a bit of both…you can go and stand with one foot in each. 


The Tamar Valley has 3 rivers, the Tamer (the largest), Tavy and Lynher. At 75 sq m, it’s a small AONB, but packs in fields, hills and woodland. If you get the right time of year, you will also find lots of wild garlic. 


The area has a bit of a mining history, and was once the most productive for copper in the world. It then went on to produce arsenic. Throughout the Tamar Valley you will find numerous old mines, and see some of the engine house chimneys poking up from the trees. 



The Tamar Valley is served by the Tamar line, which starts in Plymouth. It’s not very frequent though, and only runs in and out every 2 hours. There are a few buses, but again, not that many. Even less so on Sundays.