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Wonderful Cornwall. Located right in the foot of England, it’s like its own little country. The climate is much milder than the rest of England, and you would be forgiven sometimes for feeling like you really are abroad.


Full of cute harbour towns and fishing villages. Rugged cliffs, and sheltered secluded bays. It’s here you will find an abundance of sandy beaches and turquoise blue sea. Oh and of course, it’s not all coastline, although that is a big draw, you will also find moorland and valleys.


Cornwall has two coastlines. The North Coast and South Coast, which have different characteristics. The North Coast is on the Celtic Sea which is part of the Atlantic Ocean. So you can expect lots of ruggedness along here, with big cliffs and generally rougher seas. The South Coast is on the English Channel, thus is a little calmer.  However, even though the North Coast is more ‘wild’ there are still areas of calm water, just as in the South you will still find  lots of cliff goodness.

You can’t really go wrong wherever you choose.


Fun Fact: The most southernly point on the UK mainland is Lands End, in Cornwall.