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Dartmoor National Park (Devon)

Dartmoor National Park is made up of wild, vast moorland, with forests, rivers and craggy landscape. It is also famous for its Tors and ‘wild’ ponies.


Fun Fact: Dartmoor was declared a National Park in 1951.


Darmoor Tors: These are impressive granite rocks poking out from the ground. You will find over 160 of them across Dartmoor. Each with its own unique formations.


Darmoor Ponies: Often referred as wild, they do actually belong to pony keepers (farmers and residents of the area). So they aren’t technically wild. They just roam freely. They have been around for many centuries, and are very important for maintaining the habitat, with all the grazing that they do.


The weather is Dartmoor is known to be quite harsh and interchangeable, so you need to be prepared for it to switch up on you without warning….Happy hiking :)