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North York Moors National Park

The North York Moors is a National Park located in North Yorkshire, in the very north east of England.

It is up there amongst my favourite places for hiking in England, with miles and miles of breathtaking landscape characterised by rolling hills, valleys, heather moorland, and rugged cliffs.

Fun fact: The North York Moors National Park has the largest expanse of heather moorland in the UK. You can see it in its glorious pink and purple bloom in late summer/autumn….the rest of the time, it’s brown.


As well as the gorgeous landscape, it’s full of history, from the medieval ruins of Rievlaux Abbey and Whitby Abbey. To the mining villages of Grosmont and Rosedale Abbey, where you can see remnants of the industrial past, and walk along the old railway trackbeds.

It has inspired Dracula, been featured in Harry Potter, and was the setting for Heartbeat.


Below you will find all my hiking guides across the North York Moors. Enjoy :)