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The New Forest National Park

The New Forest is located in Southern England, part Hampshire and part Wiltshire. Despite the name, it’s very old. We are talking prehistoric old. Back then, a lot of the south was woodland anyway, but over the years, it got less and less, until what we were left with is this area of woodland.

It was formally designated The New Forest by William the Conqueror in 1079. He made it into a hunting area, naming it Nova Foresta. It was then granted National Park status in 2005.


Although it’s got the word forest in the name, there is a surprising amount of non forest areas, with large open areas of heathland (which can be very boggy). The area is well known for the ponies, which roam freely across the land. You will even find them walking down the high street. 



You can get a direct train to the New Forest from London. It is served by the Great Western Railway Line, which stops at Ashurst, Brockenhurst, Lymington, Beaulieu and Sway. All are within the New Forest. There are also buses both within the New Forest, and from the surrounding towns outside. The main towns outside are Southhampton and Bournemouth.