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Ah London. My home town. Being the capital city of England, you wouldn’t expect a whole lotta walks, but indeed there are, and I don’t just mean urban walks.


First of all, you have the River Thames, which is fully walkable along the Thames Path. Ok yes, in the heart of the city, it’s full on urban. However, outside of this, particularly west, there are areas that are so green, you would forget you are in the capital.


We also have an abundance of parks. Some posh parks, some rugged parks, some parks full of deer. Something I hear a lot from people coming to the city (from another country), is how surprised they are at how many parks we have.


Then there are the canals. Some parts are full on right through busy parts surround general city stuff, and other parts are a bit more peaceful and green.


Of course you can keep things fully urban and see all the top London attractions, or even join one of the many walking tours.