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South West Coast Path

At 630 miles in length, the South West Coast Path is Englands longest National trail. It ruins from Minehead in Somerset, then along the coastline into Devon, Cornwall, then Devon again before finishing in Poole in Dorset. 


It’s along this bit of coast where you will find some of the most beautiful, awe inspiring landscape in England. Known for big dramatic cliffs, heart pumping hills and quaint seaside villages. 


Whilst being a popular trail to do as a thru hike, you can actually cover a lot of ground by staying in one of the villages or towns, and getting public transport to different parts. This is how I have done the majority of walks on this list.


My favourite place for walks in England, is along the South West Coast Path. It took me until my 30’s to find it, and that’s when I truly found my love of hiking. It opened my eyes to how beautiful England is.