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England Coast Path

At 2795 miles in length, the England Coast Path will be the longest marked and managed coastal path in the world. I say ‘will be’ because it’s not yet complete. It’s divided into 4 sections: South East Coast Path, South West Coast Path, North East Coast Path, North West Coast Path.


I have a goal to walk ALL of it. No, no, I don’t plan to do the whole lot in one go, girls gotta work. I’m doing it in stages. One weekend at a time. How long will it take? I have no idea, I’m in no rush. That’s the beauty of it. When the weekend rolls along, if I feel like doing a section, I just look at a map and pick one.


Every section I do I will be blogging about, and giving you all the details about what it’s like, the logistics and photos, so you can see if it looks like a section you want to do.